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Our company is a hi-tech travel technology company that has undergone splendid growth over past few years. We have strong domain expertise in tours and travels,Airline and travel industry with global content aggregation. We havelinks with various Airlines, OTA’s, Travel Agencies/Consolidators, Loyalty Companies and Insurance Companies. We own a team of 20+ patrons of skilled professionals with expert knowledge in tours and travel business. The travel corporation is IATA certified and it focuses on bringing automated solutions to clients. Founded in the year 2019, we have diversified product range.


We offer an effective platform that serves issuing e_tickets that helps various clients in getting air ticketsfor itineraries both inbound and outbound in very efficient ways. Being a good,sincere and customers friendly organization in travel and ticketing services, we have conducted numerous ticketing activities. Our widespread reach in air ticketing industry favors our clients in retrieving their money back from airlines from anywhere. As an integral part to our ticketing services, we can also process your refunds on your behalf. The adoption of well-defined terminology empowers our clients’ experience and provide a simplified way to get airline tickets for both inbound and outbound flights. We bring you a powerful solution that works under the supervision of advanced ticketing  professionals. They offer you the expert guidance on any query related to tickets issuing, auditing, tax claims etc. We follow the customer-centric approach that involves round the clock services along with custom reporting.


We are endeavored to help travellers to follow the innovative approach in their core businesses. They can now manage all their travel expenditures at ease. Our ticketing services alleviate the risk of airlines and ultimately cuts the travel cost. We guarantee the right solutions for the customers problems. With our travel and ticketing services, you can easily track the networks of flights  airline and tickets thereof from around the world  so as to capture the correct flight for the correct flight for the right time and right destinations.

Why Rimso Ticketing ?

✅  Because we keep delivering extraordinary results
✅  Excellent customer Services
✅  Attention to details
✅  Consistency of products and services
✅  World wide link of Airlines Networks
✅  Cheapest Airlines Tickets booking Worldwide – Domestic and International
✅  24 x 7 Services

Why Rimso Air Ticketing?

Because we have GDS(Global Distribution System)worldwide with networks of Airlines, Schdules thereof,live data through

1)Amadeus air travel agency bookings:

air bookings processed by travel agencies using Amadeus’ distribution platform.

2)Ancillary services:

additional services provided to customers beyond the ticket. Typical examples of airline ancillary services include extra baggage, priority seating, catering on board, etc.


Application Programming Interface, a language that enables communication between computer programs.


an aviation business arrangement where two or more airlines cooperate by sharing the same flight, splitting marketing and operating carrier, improving airlines’ network capacity and efficiency.


Computer Reservation System is a computer network containing travel-related information such as schedules, availability, fares and other services, which enables automated travel-related transac-tions between travel providers and travel agents.

6)Competitive position:

in Distribution, it is measured as our travel agency air bookings in relation to the travel agency air booking industry, defined as the total volume of travel agency air bookings processed by the global or regional Central Reservation Systems. It excludes air bookings made di-rectly through in-house airline systems or single country operators, the latter primarily in China, Japan and Russia. In Airline IT, competitive position of PSSs is calculated over total passengers ex-cluding China.

7)Distribution industry:

includes the total volume of air bookings processed by GDSs, excluding:

1_ Air bookings processed by single-country operators (primarily in China, Japan and Russia)

2_ Bookings of other types of travel products, such as hotel rooms, car rentals and train tickets

8)European Civil Aviation Conference:

ECAC, an intergovernmental organisation which was established by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the Council of Europe. Today, ECAC has 44 member countries.


A Global Distribution System is a computer network containing travel-related information such as schedules, availability, fares and related services, which also enables automated travel-related transactions between travel providers and travel agents. In addition to providing a Computerized Reservation System, GDSs offer travel-related content to a broad range of agents worldwide, making global reach an important element of their value proposition.


The International Air Transport Association (IATA) is the trade association for the world’s airlines, representing 265 airlines or 83% of total air traffic. IATA supports many areas of aviation activity and helps formulate industry policy on critical aviation issues.

A global coalition of regulators, investors, companies, standard setters, accounting professionals and non-governmental organizations sharing the view that communication about value creation should be the next step in the evolution of corporate reporting.

Transactions processed at the Amadeus Data Center such as basic operations linked directly to Amadeus’ business, such as bookings or processed passengers boarded.

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✅  Quality Services

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